Thursday, 16 September 2010


You are probably holding your breath, as we all are, to see what this new time of change may bring. We've noticed a drop in business since March. However we’ve put our energies to good use and have used the precious time positively. Personally, whilst the adjustment was tough, I've gained a huge amount from spending time on my my MA. Going back to school was tough, but the benefits are paying off. New insights, ideas, and understanding are bringing fresh ideas and richness to conferences and training rooms.

I was delighted that Education for Social Justice, written with John West-Burham, had a very positive review in Aspire Magazine.

"It embodies a major piece of contemporary thinking in the area of the philosophy and theory of education within the framework of its moral and social purpose."

Secondly, our work has been mentioned in government documents. The work of DCATCH was evaluated, and there were a number of comments on the role of the consultants. Proof if need be of the effectiveness of our Inclusion Quality Standards tool. Changes are noticeable in the training room too, with practitioners commenting on the difference the tool has made to their practice.

Inclusion quality standards scheme:
The second workforce development intervention explored is an inclusion quality standards (IQS) toolkit designed for use in childcare settings looking after children over the age of five. Its aim is to encourage settings to develop a proactive approach to inclusion. Settings work through three modules, self-evaluating and improving inclusion practice, supported where necessary by one of the authority’s play workers.
… Staff in authorities interviewed during the scoping study were optimistic that intensive workforce development activity funded by DCATCH would make for a sustainable change in provision (as opposed to funding additional support for individual children, which is likely to be withdrawn after the end of the pilot).”
(see more DCATCH Evaluation)

Finally, A different perspective on Equality, our new book is a long awaited companion to our basic courses in Equality & Diversity and Disability Equality. This book is a real achievement in terms of synthesis. It is short, more of a learning tool than a text, so easier to dip into - a must for the busy practitioner. It will, we hope, provide a robust and challenging resource for many in years to come. The preview edition is available at a discount for a short time (See our website or Blurb).

" This is an excellent handbook. As a set of training resources it is carefully separated into different units: workshop tasks, political and cultural contexts, case studies. As a whole it deals with the global and institutional context of equality/inequality in a easy to understand and pro-active."

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With all our thanks for productive days.

Have happy days