Sunday, 13 September 2009

A path to success - Equality & Diversity Update training

This advanced training session is a powerful day for people who have covered the Equality & Diversity basics but wish to go further in embedding inclusive practice within their roles. The second in a 3 day programme, Equality & Diversity Update training, looks at securing greater equity through strategies that support whole organisations. The wellbeing angle in this training provides a route to excellence, whilst minimising the damaging effects of a ‘target’ culture.

Understanding Equality & Diversity is the first step in securing the first 2 outcomes of Every Child Matters - Be healthy and Be safe. Improvement can help towards assimilation, and integration, but only some basic needs can be addressed within the constraints of present organisation. To flourish in a thriving community people need to understand the more challenging ideas linked to a profound shift in culture. Practice change needs to happen in a way that sees innovation and transformation take place at the heart of organisation.

Update training explores equality on a profound level, in way that helps whole groups achieve greater wellbeing for all participants. It looks at achieving the changes that make a difference in terms of the next 3 outcomes, Enjoy & Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Wellbeing. Understanding the need to secure equity is pivotal in view of any proactive duty. Here participant will discover the need to develop strategies that increase expectation and raise aspiration, as these are key to increasing life chances.

Beginning with a review of the core ideas supporting inclusive practice from a wellbeing perspective. Participants are then invited to share the strategies they have implemented and explain the benefits these bring to children, parents and carers across whole communities (Published soon @ Inequality is then defined, in terms of the negative factors affecting wellbeing, and participants are given the opportunity to explore these in depth from their own perspective. Wellbeing theory is then outlined, identifying the factors that promote wellbeing, with a summary of current research and findings. To draw it all together, happiness in defined because of its pivotal role in supporting young people’s learning and development, in order to support the development of community action.

Participants are invited to then attend the last in this 3 day programme – shared leadership and community participation.

Please do get in touch if you would like any more information regarding our training.

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