Friday, 3 July 2009

Small thoughts on Inclusive Practice in Learning, Teaching and Assessment

In the Guardian a couple of weeks ago there was a piece - The Quest for equality - that usefully summarises many of the key ideas discussed in the workshops delivered to Bradford University recently on the topic of Inclusive Culture.

  • The first is the idea 'importance of directly involving disabled people in the development of policy and service provision' - something all marginalised groups feel strongly about - the ability of organinisations and their members to accept leadership from 'minority' groups on a variety of mainstream issues.
  • 'The benefit to society as a whole', Inclusion is fundamentally about improving community life for all, adressing discrimination leads to healthier societies.
  • Also, regarding the public sector duty: ' The duty is seen as key to a fairer world because of the size and influence of the sector'.
Which brings us back to the question around the personalisation agenda , and whether it will genuinely offer people more control?

There was also a piece about ofsted inspectors being asked to consider outcomes for disabled children, under new recomendations...


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